How to Boost Your eCommerce Business with Mobile App

 Today every business is willing to jump into the eCommerce bandwagon. After all, it seems to be one of the most profit-spinning industries, especially in a span of a few years. Also, whether you like it or not, the competition is getting pretty fierce and cut-throat. So the only option you have is to get acquainted with the latest marketing trends. Now one of the most interesting eCommerce trends is improvising and popularising your eCommerce business by simply using a mobile application.

Boost Your eCommerce Business

The above image focuses on the eCommerce realm and how it has been gaining momentum in the past as well as what it will be like in a few years down the line. Now, have you ever come across the concept of m-Commerce?

Well, to understand that we need to go through why there is a need for a mobile app for your eCommerce business in the first place.

eCommerce Business and Mobile Apps

There is no denying the fact that smartphone usage is increasing on a daily basis. People of all ages are using mobile applications to make a purchase whether it’s apparel, accessories, buying groceries or anything else. In fact, several stats suggest that around 79 to 80% of people tend to make a purchase using their mobile devices. So yes, the chances are extremely high to succeed if you jump now and come up with an innovative idea. Now why a mobile app, you may ask? Well, one of the obvious reasons is that it turns out to be handy for both customers as well as business owners. Also, customers can view product details and place orders seamlessly.

Boost Your eCommerce Business

The above-mentioned image shows how beneficial a mobile app or the concept of mCommerce can be. Further below, I would like to mention several benefits or should I put it this way, several reasons to opt for a mobile application development company to enhance your existing eCommerce business.

#1 Best Alternative to date

One of the obvious reasons to state is that eCommerce-based mobile applications are one of the best alternatives to websites. If you don’t trust me, you can see for yourself, and conduct a survey stating which is better: a website or a mobile app. I am sure you will receive maximum votes for the mobile application.

Also, think about how convenient it will be for your customer to buy products just by simply downloading and installing the app. Not to mention the user experience of a mobile-based website is way more amazing than that of a mobile browser. Also, what if they are unable to remember the website’s URL? With mobile applications, it won’t take much time for your customer to be at your storefront.

#2 Increased Conversion Rates

Another interesting reason to consider mobile applications for your eCommerce business is increased conversion rates. When you plan to develop a mobile app, ensure a significant increase in conversion rates.

The reason being, customers are more likely to purchase using mobile apps since they spend more and more time on these smart devices. So on and all, having a mobile app can definitely increase conversion rates, leading to more sales.

#3 Enhanced Customer Experience

The customer was and will always remain the king. So whether you are creating a website or a mobile app, you need to make sure to focus well on enhancing customer experience. It is said that you give them comfort and ease in using the application even when they are using it for the very first time. Also, try understanding their needs, especially the need for speed and come up with a solution that assists them in achieving goals by simply clicking a few times. In addition to all this, do offer them notifications at regular intervals. Now this doesn’t mean you have to keep disturbing them every now and then but does inform them about some important ones such as what is the status of their product, is there any new discount or promotion code, and of course, notification regarding price reductions or sale is a must.

Boost Your eCommerce Business

Apart from all these, try understanding your customers better, conduct adequate research, and see what your customers like or what are their preferences. At what time, do they tend to purchase online? How much time do they take before making a purchase?

#4 24/7 Customer Support

The next reason for choosing mobile applications over mobile websites is you can offer 24/7 customer support. We humans always love when someone is there for us all the time or at least whenever we need it. Similarly, your mobile app being available and accessible 24/7 would definitely be loved by your end users. What you can do is try incorporating customer-focused services that offer instant and of course, relevant replies to the ones who are in need. Here one of the best ways to connect well with your customers is by using bots.

#5 Gain a Competitive Edge

Last but certainly not least is that you can gain a competitive edge by simply developing a user-friendly eCommerce-based mobile application. It won’t be wrong when I say that without a mobile app, your eCommerce website might not give you a competitive edge. The buying behaviour or mentality is changed over time and again. So why don’t you come up with an intimidating eCommerce mobile app and give your end users a proper reason to get attracted towards you in no time?

Also, thinking that your competitor hasn’t considered this alternative before is a foolish thing. Here today, you can witness even the smallest retailers across the globe are found competing towards giants such as Amazon. So whenever a customer visits your website, he might come with the Amazon-like experience baggage. At last, all you have to do is look around for a reputable eCommerce development company that offers the best m-commerce solutions from their space.

Enough said about the reasons or why one must opt for a mobile app for their eCommerce business. Now, it’s time to consider how to boost the eCommerce business by using the same mobile application.

How to Boost Your eCommerce Business with Mobile App

Now I am sure after reading the post till now you must have already decided to develop an eCommerce-based mobile app or might have already started developing one by hiring the best eCommerce developers in town. But what next? I mean what to do once you have developed such an app? Here’s what to do.

#1 Can the App be easily found

The first and foremost step to consider is to see that your developed app is easily found and capable enough to drive seamless organic traffic. For that, you must begin by optimising the mobile app properly. When the app is well-optimised with appropriate keywords, phrases, content, and images, the scope of downloads increases to a great extent. Now what exactly happens when your mCommerce app is easily found?

  • High retention rate
  • Increase in user loyalty
  • Gain seamless support from Google

#2 Landing pages are still important

Another crucial step to take is to create a landing page to promote your eCommerce-based mobile app. Basically, a landing page is a kind of one-page website that mainly focuses on the core features and functionalities of the product. When the users visit the landing page, they can be directed to the play store to download and install the app. Try incorporating precise calls to action and don’t try to fit everything into one single landing page. Prioritise wisely! So what can you mention on a landing page?

  • Subscriptions
  • Bonus
  • Download links

Boost Your eCommerce Business

This is the best example of a landing page.

#3 Have a better understanding of how customers use Mobile apps

As mentioned earlier, the popularity of smartphones is increasing day in and day out. You need to understand how your customer is using these apps and for what purposes, let’s say, for gaming purposes or streaming music, streaming videos, movies, social networking, navigation and browsing and of course for buying different products whether it's clothing or home decor or electronic gadgets or anything else. Once you understand this, nothing can stop you from creating a successful eCommerce business using a mere mobile app.

Above all, remember this, your mobile app isn’t just for your customer. It’s for your eCommerce business to expand. So make sure you can create one that helps in boosting overall productivity and efficiency.

Final Words

And we are done for now! The eCommerce industry is gearing up and so should you! Plan your approach well, don't try to be too impulsive because that might be a disadvantage. And above all, try attracting more and more downloaders. This is the only way your app can gain momentum in no time. I hope you did find the post worth the read. Do not forget to share the post and subscribe to us for more such interesting posts and details.