Why is Web App Development in High Demand?


Websites and applications have been developed long ago to help businesses achieve their organizational goals. And this goal is not just limited to offering high-quality products and services to potential customers through an online platform but also making sure that they stay motivated enough to return to the same portal down the line if they need something. And that's where web app development performs better than native apps.

Web App Development

Want to know why? Well, it is for the simple reason that web apps deliver a better user experience than mobile apps when compared in real-life scenarios. For example, to use a mobile app individuals have to go to Apple App Store or Google Play Store, then download and install the concerned software subsequently. But when any fellow has to use a web app, all they need to do is open their web browser and shift to a certain URL. Thus, by taking the latter route folks can gather desired information or try targeted products or services sooner than later. It is the main reason why most entrepreneurs hire web app developers to create a fantastic web app for their business.

What else? Some website owners also switched to web apps when they realized that their online portal is offering a poor user experience due to its slow loading speed. So, if you are also facing a similar issue for sometime and want to improve your online presence's situation by hook or by crook, then employ a top web app development company without a second thought. Ok? Got it? If yes, let's turn to:

What Are Some Statistics Related to the Importance of Web Apps in Business?

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine that turns out to be useful while looking for ideas for:

  • Home
  • Recipes
  • Style
  • And many more similar things

The stakeholders of this brand decided to build a progressive web app when they came to know that their website is offering a slow experience. Just 1% of their visitors moved ahead with signups and app installations for Android and iOS operating systems. Extremely disappointed with that, Pinterest launched its PWA three months after working on their project. And that improved multiple things simultaneously, such as:

A. Visitors spent 40% more time on the progressive web app of Pinterest compared to their mobile site

B. Pinterest experienced a 44% boost in ad revenue rate

c. They leveraged a 60% upsurge in user engagement

2. Twitter Lite

Twitter Lite was released in April 2017 in order to promote the use of Twitter in growing markets across the Asia Pacific. This progressive app helped a lot in dealing with:

A. Slow mobile networks

B. Costly data plans

C. Lack of storage in mobile phones

And the outcome? Well:

A. Approximately 80% more tweets emerged through Twitter Lite than its native app

B. The bounce rate decreased by 20%

Thus, if you want to accomplish such results for your brand too, it is a sensible decision to hire web app developers to create your web-based application now.

What Is Web App Development According to a Web App Development Company?

Web app development is a process of building cloud-based platforms that taps server-client programming architecture. Generally, the method of creating a web app involves:

A. Discovery of the business idea that resolves the pain points of the target audience

B. Development of design worksheets

C. Finalization of the tech stack

D. Programming

E. Testing

F. Implementation

Please remember, web app creation plays a key role in ensuring smooth operations of any company. Do you know why? Because it allows brands to show their products or services immediately and draw the attention of their prospects towards their offerings quickly. Moreover, the experts of an excellent web app development firm say that taking the web app building route instead of native app is a very cost-effective way for myriads of business owners to reach out to their clientele without a hitch.

What else? If you see a tailor-made web app with a different approach, you will be able to identify some additional benefits. For example:

A. You don’t need to construct original mobile apps as web apps can be accessed with the help of modern browsers

B. You will save time and money on unnecessary digital elements because you don’t need to develop them

In spite of the fact that web app and mobile app construction is closely related, it is necessary to make the former your priority instead of the latter. Want to know the reason? Well, it will benefit your entity in various ways, such as:

A. It will boost your present traction

B. It will enhance your brand recognition

C. It will display the ideology of your organization

D. It will help you attain the top position in the desired market

That’s why, a battery of establishments across the globe hire web app developers to come up with a unique and enticing web application for their brand.

Why Is Web App Development Sought after as per a Web App Development Agency?

There are many advantages of manufacturing web apps, including their cross-platform compatibility. Yes, you got that right! Once you hire web app developers to create an attention-drawing and smooth-functioning web app, you will find that your newly-made virtual product is easily working across different browsers, like:

A. Safari

B. Chrome

C. Internet Explorer

D. Firefox

E. And others

In short, web apps can effortlessly operate on all browsers and devices without any hassle. Now, let’s see some benefits of relying on cutting-edge web apps:

1. They are customizable and scalable

One of the main issues with standard mobile app development is that such software fails to meet the needs of brands as they grow. But that is not the case with web apps. Yes, custom web apps are highly flexible and are designed in such a way that it can fulfill the requirements of the concerned firm even when they grow aggressively down the line.

2. They improve efficiency

If you are still dealing with a lot of paperwork in your organization, it is not just a time-consuming process but may also lead to some significant errors that are not easy to find. But as soon as you switch to web apps, they will aid you in streamlining the entire process to a great extent so that you can perform more work in minimum time. In addition to that, when you have all important data in one place, that will let you concentrate on instrumental business activities big time as you get access to real-time reports.

3. They drive down development and maintenance cost

Web-centric applications will cost you less in terms of development and maintenance, given that they have:.

A. Simplified architecture

B. Minimal requirements

C. Low need of support and maintenance

And the best part? If you streamline your business operations using web apps today, it will lead to extra savings down the road. Therefore, collaborate with a web app development company today and get a web app made for your particular corporation.

4. They protect live data

There are no two ways about the fact that massive systems keep a considerable amount of data and call on multiple resources to store them. But one special thing about web-based apps is that they add an extra layer of security by eliminating the access to back-end servers and data.

So, if you are satisfied with the aforementioned reasons to stick with a web app, then team up with a popular web app development organization now to fabricate a mind-blowing web app.

What Is the Difference Between a Web App, a Mobile App, and a Website?

To download and get access to mobile apps, you need to reach Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your phone. These apps have full access to some functions of mobile devices, such as camera, GPS, etc.

However, you must know that there are some major differences in usability and functionality of web apps and mobile apps despite being similar in some areas. Since an individual can access a web application using any device or operating system, it is not required to install such software on their gadgets. Beyond that, since data is stored in the cache memory of web browsers, in the case of web apps, it is a breeze to access them without the internet.

All a fellow needs to do is to log into their account online and then carry out specific tasks in the concerned web app. For example:

A. Working on spreadsheets

B. Photo editing

C. Filling online forms

D. Placing orders online

Although web apps look similar to general websites, they are highly interactive for users compared to the latter. Hence, if you want to have a web app of your own brand now, all we would ask you to do is to get in touch with a reputed web app development company.

To learn more about different platforms, we would suggest sifting through the following table:



Web App

Mobile App 


Development cost 

A web app comes with a low cost of development but you may need to break your bank to maintain it. 

Both development cost and maintenance cost of mobile apps could put a big dent in your pocket. 

You can build a website even when you don’t have deep pockets. But to build a mobile app you must have abundant financial resources at your disposal.


Users can utilize web applications using any internet-enabled device and a standard browser, irrespective of their operating systems.  

Users can take mobile apps in use on any internet-enabled device. 

Users can access websites through a web browser on any device they have, including mobile phones, laptops, desktops, and tablets. 


Web apps ship with a common codebase because of which updating it is a breeze.


The codebase for different operating systems is different.

Websites have a common codebase, so updating them is not an issue. 


The functions in a web app are large in numbers and more complicated as well. 

Mobile apps give access to multiple built-in features, like camera, GPS, and others.


The functions of a website are quite simple and easy to use.


Uber, Amazon, Netflix

Snapchat, Tumblr, Google Translate 

Google, YouTube, Wikipedia


What Are Some Jaw-dropping Examples of Web Apps in Accordance with a Web App Development Company?

1. Netflix

Netflix is a widely-known platform for movies and web series streaming. It allows people to watch different media items without any interruption after making a predetermined payment. Since it is also a web app, the interested individuals find it a piece of cake to access it from all operating systems and gadgets. The popularity of Netflix comes from 221 million memberships in more than 190 countries. And if you are thinking about making an entertainment platform based on web app technology sooner or later, have a word with a globally-recognized web app development entity now.

2. Google Docs

Google docs is not a web app but a collection of web apps that lets fellows perform new tasks and make changes to existing documents. It automatically saves different documents the moment you introduce any change to them, such as:

A. Google Docs

B. Google Sheets

C. Google Slides

D. Google Forms

E. Google Drawings

This way it is infeasible to lose your work even when a power cut occurs due to some reason. Furthermore, you can access this software even when you lose your internet connectivity or switch from one device to another. Now if you are considering creating an application like this anytime soon, it is a good idea to hire web app developers.

3. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a versatile application that people use to:

A. Send and receive text messages

B. Make voice calls

C. Make video calls

And to access WhatsApp all you need to have is a robust internet connection. The best thing about WhatsApp is that it works flawlessly on several devices and systems. And if the words of a trusted provider of market and consumer data are to be believed, it is the most famous mobile messenger app in the world with nearly 2 billion monthly users.

Are you interested in developing a messaging app like this? If so, get into conversation with a leading web app development company now.

The takeaway

Now that you have learned why web apps are in high demand at the moment, it is time to hire web app developers if you want to leverage the user engagement that other brands are enjoying currently.