How Website Design Can Help You Win SEO


In digital marketing, SEO has recently received the most attention.

You must be willing to go into this deep water if you own a website or are learning SEO. But how do SEO and web design link to one another?

The appearance of a website is the first thing the user notices before he gets into details.

Website Design

Although this is an excellent beginning, increasing your internet visibility and generating visitors need more than a beautiful website. SEO components must be incorporated into the design and development of your website. When your website is compelling and well-optimized, you will appear in SERPs and attract more users.

Your SEO and overall profitability are significantly impacted by web design. Even if your web designer and marketers may operate in separate silos, they need to collaborate to create a better website. Implement the following practices to make the most out of your web design.

Speed of the website

To establish yourself as an industry leader, having a quick website should be one of your top concerns. If your website loads slowly, you risk losing visitors' interest quickly. And this ultimately results in financial loss.

Furthermore, Google has stated that one aspect that affects how a website is ranked is page speed. Additionally, SEO works on lowering the number of redirects, optimizing pictures and codes, and utilizing browser caching, which contributes to a faster page load time.

Mobile friendly website

The majority of Google users conduct their searches on mobile devices. Google has decreased the amount of time it spends analyzing the content of desktop versions of web pages to determine relevance. By keeping your content consistent between the desktop and mobile versions, SEO-focused web design ensures that search engine web crawlers can access it.

You must ensure that your website's web design enables Google's web crawler to see all your content because mobile-first indexing will only rank your site based on the mobile version.

Include sitemaps

There are numerous ways web design can help with website crawling. You must have a sitemap in place if you want search engines to crawl website more efficiently.

According to your sitemap, search engines can access every page and content on your website. You can take advantage of this possibility to inform search engines which pages are the most important to your website. Sitemaps are helpful for both search engines and user navigation. A new visitor to your website can access your sitemap to find their way around.

Navigation design

Users can navigate your website easily with the help of a solid navigation design. When users visit your site, they immediately notice the layout. If people think your website is slow or outdated, they leave it immediately. Therefore, your website's aesthetic and user experience are essential.

You must design the website so that it is simple and convenient for users to utilize.

A good navigation design keeps the website page moving without a hitch, empowering individuals to remain on the page for a drawn-out period. Additionally, it makes it simple for them to find what they need. Sounds technical? Don’t worry web designing and development services provider can assist you to build a great navigation design.

URL Structure

Furthermore, your Website optimization methodology ought to be integrated into your URL structure. The center catchphrase from your page or blog entry ought to be the sole thing in every URL slug.

Be sure to conduct keyword research for each page you intend to include in your website design or makeover when it launches. And repeat the process for each additional page you make along the way.

This keeps your pages available while assisting Google in determining the keyword(s) to rank your sites for. This ensures that your URL slugs are simple to remember and type into a URL field if someone is seeking a specific page because most target keywords are simply a few words long.

To create a well-designed and SEO-friendly website, web development and SEO must be integrated. To ensure that your website is well-optimized for SEO and usability, encourage your teams to collaborate.


As you can see, web designs significantly impact search engine rankings in addition to the user experience. This signifies that failing to solve the problems could result in a low search ranking. This will unavoidably impact your business because low rankings in the SERPs result in fewer visitors and conversions. You're much more likely to get great SEO results if you build an exciting website, give yourself more room for keywords, and encourage sharing. Create an exciting website, and clicks will come for sure.