How to Get Adobe Flash Player on Mac 2023


Adobe Flash Player is much needed to stream multimedia content, videos, and audio, or Rich Internet Applications (RIA) on Windows. When you browse a website and come across video content, the Flash Player gets activated and starts playing the content. MacOS has its own inbuilt utility to replace Adobe Flash Player. It doesn’t require any additional Flash Player to stream videos online.

Get Adobe Flash Player on Mac

Adobe officially discontinued support for Flash Player in 2020 as Flash Player is not needed for browsers anymore. It has become more vulnerable to threats and malware infections. Websites these days have switched to the HTML5 version to browse and stream videos on OTT platforms and websites like Facebook or YouTube. You can try the following steps to download Flash Player for Mac.

How to Download Flash Player for Mac

If you have received popups asking you to update Flash Player without installing one, you need to be cautious as it is malicious activity. The only legitimate method to download Flash Player for Mac is to get it from the official website of Adobe.

There are several websites that offer to download Adobe Flash Player or Flash Player alternatives for Mac however you need to be cautious. There are a lot of sites that download viruses, malware, or Ad-trackers in the form of Flash Player.

Download & Install Flash Player for Mac

Step 1. Access Safari or your default browser on Mac.

Step 2. Browse the official website of Adobe. You will find clear information stating that Adobe has stopped supporting Flash Player from 31st Dec 2020. It also clearly notifies users to uninstall Flash Player from the system to keep it safe.

Step 3. If you still wish to get Adobe Flash Player for Mac, you can visit the dedicated Adobe Flash Player website to download the setup file.

Step 4. Check out the list of player versions for your device and browser. Click on the Player Download Center link above the list to download the setup file.

Step 5. Double-click on the setup file to initiate the installation process. Adobe recommends not using Adobe Flash Player and may restrict you from downloading Adobe Flash Player.

How to Uninstall Adobe Flash Player from Mac

If Adobe Flash Player is already installed on your Mac and you took the recommendation seriously, you can uninstall Adobe Flash Player from your Mac with these steps. Your Mac will run much smoother than before and you won’t face any difficulties while browsing the web.

Step 1. Access the Applications folder from the Apple menu. You can also access the Applications folder from the Finder menu.

Step 2. Select Adobe Flash Player and press the Command + Delete buttons and confirm the selection. You can also right-click on the App icon and click on the ‘Move to Trash’ option. Alternatively, you can select the App icon and click on the File menu to select Move to Trash.

You can also Drag and Drop the app icon to the Trash and confirm to delete the app from your Mac. Do remember, these steps will only uninstall the App but won’t remove all the clutter and leftover. You will manually need to remove the temp files, cache, cookies, and log files.

Adobe Flash Player Alternatives for Mac

Keeping security threats in mind, if you have decided to get rid of Adobe Flash Player, you can use one of the alternatives for swift functionality.

1. HTML5

Many websites have switched to using HTML5 instead of Flash, which means that you won't need a separate plugin to view their content. If you're using a modern web browser, such as Safari or Google Chrome, you should be able to view most websites that have switched to HTML5 without any issues.

2. BlueMaxima's Flashpoint

This is a project that aims to preserve Flash content by allowing users to play Flash games and animations offline. It's available for both Mac and Windows and includes a huge library of Flash content you can browse and download.

3. Ruffle

Ruffle is an open-source Flash player emulator that runs in modern web browsers, including Safari and Chrome. It's still in development but already supports many popular Flash games and animations.

4. Gnash

This is a free, open-source Flash player that runs on Mac, Linux, and Windows. It's not as popular as some of the other options on this list, but it is a lightweight utility for viewing Flash content.

5. Elmedia Player

This is a multimedia player that can play Flash files, as well as many other types of media. It's available for Mac and offers a range of features, including support for subtitles and the ability to download videos from the internet.

It's important to note that as Flash is no longer supported and poses a security risk, it is recommended to use alternative options instead.

Final Words

This article on how to get Adobe Flash Player on Mac has tips and tricks to download and install Adobe Flash Player on Mac. You can also explore how to uninstall Adobe Flash Player from Mac and delete associated files. Keeping Adobe Flash Player is not a good idea as Adobe has discontinued its support and recommends getting rid of it. Explore the best Adobe Flash Player alternatives for Mac to stream any media content.