8 Most Useful Shopify Integration To Enhance Your Online Store


Shopify is a feature-packed ecommerce platform that hosts a diverse array of online enterprises on its platform. Shopify’s growth is inspiring more and more businesses to open their store as the software offers higher scalability and conversion rates for many industries. You can quickly sign up for the platform and begin setting up your website with a few simple processes or opt for Shopify development services.

Shopify Integration

Shopify gains the control of a 20% market share in the ecommerce domain. There are chances you are one of the online merchants currently relying on this magical platform; however, with huge competition, many opponents in the same market and demanding customers' expectations for better solutions and improved products, one must constantly focus on higher customer experience.

Shopify offers multiple features to fill the pool of requirements regarding marketing, payments, product management, order system, customer support, and appealing customized templates.

When it comes to the scalability of business, just in-build Shopify features wouldn’t be sufficient, then the need for third-party integration arises, which allows ecommerce admins to enhance efficiency and productivity through first-class functionalities. Let’s see how integration adds more value to your store:

Why Shopify Integrations Are Significant For Utilization Of the Whole Potential Of Store?

  • Reduction of errors & greater accuracy - I’m sure you don’t like duplication of entries in your valuable data. Integrations are helpful to reduce the potential & duplicacy of errors that can happen in manual data and ensure that every supplying information is accurate and up-to-date, thus becoming a reason for online business success.
  • Streamline customer support & other business jobs - Through streamlining the process, you can delegate your time to more crucial business tasks, which becomes a facilitator to maximize the results. You can’t lose the opportunity of helping your customers; however, these can be time-consuming tasks, but if you have an integration for the same, for instance, a chatbot, queries will be resolved swiftly.
  • Improved business insights - Shopify integration offers real-time and up-to-date reports and insights for your product, inventory, accounts, customers, and more, plus the proper movement of data that allows your store to work productively and deliver better outcomes. Such useful insight assists business owners in monitoring the bottlenecks, optimizing the process and take further decisions.

8 Most Useful Shopify Integration To Enhance Your Online Sell


Skubana acts as a central nervous system for your store by taking the burden of various business operations. It's an aggregation of multiple tools under one roof that helps in forecasting, demand planning, automating repetitive jobs, and boosting profitability. This tool eliminates all the complicated workflows, the need to stitch many softwares, and the discrepancy of data.

Besides all the above advantages, you can synchronize and handle your inventory data across various sales channels, drop-shippers, third-party logistics, and warehouses, plus print shipping labels to forward them. Commonly used in the form of ERP, inventory management, inventory control and purchasing.

Key Features

  • Multi-channel management
  • Order entry, tracking, & management
  • Real-time analytics, reporting & updates
  • Data import/export from all channels
  • Management of customer database
  • SKU/UPC Codes

Walmart Integration

It's an all-in-one solution to edit, manage, sell, and order on Walmart and is developed by CedCommerce. This integration offers real-time synchronization to make changes in order, product and prices. It is a tool that helps optimize sales on the Walmart marketplace while managing order processing on Shopify. Although you can rely on Shopify development company to integrate this tool and administer the store.

You can optimize your page and rank your product higher with SEO-friendly features. Streamline all the order management processes through advanced functionalities; plus, as an admin, you have to insert the value only one time at a specific place which saves a lot of time. It assists in the analysis and monitoring of product performance, ranking, description, key features, and other details to ensure exactness everywhere.

Key Features

  • Automation of product pricing
  • Get buy box with repricer tool
  • Synchronization of inventory details and low-stock alert messages.
  • Mapping of inventory locations to fetch data
  • Allow retire and re-inject items


You can craft beautiful Shopify stores and increase your conversion rate. Pagefly is enabling thousands of businesses to craft appealing and creative web pages that persuade and attract customers with more engagement. Currently, there are 10000+ active users of Pagefly, plus they are offering other valuable brand-building assets, including logos, fonts, symbols and more.

Pagefly assists in designing custom pages and different sections according to the theme through an easy drag-and-drop builder that helps in starting a sales campaign sooner or in no time. You can find hundreds of templates in their element library that permit complete control of page aesthetics and its performance. Also, it has a clean coding mechanism that guarantees high speed without interruption; however, if you are not aware of coding concepts, you can opt for Shopify development services.

Key Features

  • Create a structure including block, tab, slideshow and content list
  • Cross-device editing and responsiveness for all major devices.
  • 100+ free templates with autosave mode
  • One theme for multiple pages
  • Great customer service, quick queries solving team
  • Availability of forms, badges, and sales countdown to improve conversions

Boost Product Filter & Search

It's an advanced product filter and intelligent search software to optimize ROI by helping shoppers to find desired products within a few seconds. It helps in building theme-matched custom filter trees and gives filter options for different pages, product categories and collections. It comes with a 14-days free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Has the highest number in the Shopify app store as employed by numerous Shopify development companies and proprietors, and comes under the no. 1 app for Shopify filter & site search. Furthermore, some of the biggest brands are relying upon this integration tool, including Sony, Fod & GAP. Has various options to reorder order values for marketing popular products, categories and brands, and inclusion of display filter options (box, list, swatch, and range slider).

Key Features

  • Filter layouts (horizontal, vertical, mobile layouts, and off-canva)
  • Show filter gives 1000+ results on the search page
  • SEO-friendly settings like shortened URLs and canonical URLs
  • Inquisitive search bar for spell check, custom search filter, and auto-suggestions
  • Offer buyers’ search behavior reports and systematic analytics with a comprehensive collection filter


Mailchimp is an end-to-end email marketing and automation platform. You can connect your Shopify store to Mailchimp to unlock diverse advanced features that will help you to boost sales. Currently, millions of entrepreneurs globally are leveraging this platform to build their brand image in the eyes of their target audience. It will give instant access to all your products, customers and order details to level up your marketing efforts.

Mailchimp comes with CRM features and allows personalized marketing communications with custom segments, repeat buyers rewards, new subscribers notifications and other meaningful content. It highly supports the management of customer relations through collecting, organizing and communicating the right message to the right audience. Plus, you can also use a generation of personalized suggestions for abandoned carts.

Key Features

  • Streamline email automation for remarketing, sign-ups and personal recommendations.
  • Access to creative assets to use instantly for diverse channels.
  • Tailor-made landing pages and pop-ups to publish immediately.
  • AI-powered content optimizer to make improvements
  • Detailed insights from a vast source of industrial data.


Quickbooks helps in saving a lot of time by managing bookkeeping data by connecting online storefront income, expenses, other operational costs and tax information. You can automate the data-entering process, including inventory, customer, product, invoice, and accounting data. Furthermore, this tool automatically calculates sales on the basis of invoices and keeps monitoring.

Besides, it also helps in reducing efforts and makes the order checkout process seamless as it maintains the order and sales data. You can monitor all the data, including customer, payment, delivery, taxes, and products that support future decision-making.

Key Features

  • Track overall incomes & expenses, and facilitate tax deductions.
  • Reduce manual data entry and increase accuracy.
  • Share product data from Shopify to Quickbooks.
  • Update stock levels in Quickbooks.


Still, Facebook is the most used platform by marketers globally(93%) and many Shopify development companies, followed by Instagram (78%), thus helping many businesses contribute a large share of sales with the enormous possibility of visibility and loyal customers. You can automatically sync your Shopify products on Facebook and Instagram and easily create shoppable posts and ads.

You can enable the one-click checkout process by which customers can buy the product without existing Facebook or Instagram, resulting in increased sales and an improved shopping experience. Moreover, all the sales and customer messages you receive directly in your Shopify store dashboard.

Key Features

  • Faster checkout process
  • Customize shoppable posts, stories and ads
  • Showcase your product in front of 1 billion shoppers
  • Promotion of brand awareness
  • Create a collection of various items


Amazon is known for its tons of traffic and large customer base that creates ample opportunities for online store owners to generate sales and opt for Shopify development services. Moreover, the plus point is that customers trust Amazon, so it becomes easy for sellers to get customers and a source for brand marketing, thus giving ample space to generate profit with effective strategies.

Amazon comes with numerous other features: automated synchronization, allow stock data sync, and import order. You can create product sheets on Amazon with meta fields and field enrichment. Mention shipping fees, product category and other details. Plus, add multiple images, product descriptions, keywords and metadata. This integration also supports multilingual features.

Key Features

  • Automatic sync with Amazon Pro account.
  • Seamless workflow with all orders at the same location.
  • International support with multi-currencies, multi-countries, and multi-account.
  • Geo-location, automated product matching, and tax management.

Winding Up

Choosing the best integration to sky-rocket the growth of your business can be a daunting task; thus, we try our best through in-depth analysis to bring the most valuable and first-class integration. All these Shopify integrations could be a game-changer; however, they must be linked and harnessed strategically for day-to-day organizational and online operations.

Shopify is an excellent platform and does not require extreme technical expertise; however, if you are stuck with any integration, Rock Technolabs (a one-stop solution Shopify development company) is available round-the-clock to look into your online business area.