Eco-Friendly Packaging Ideas For Your eCommerce Store


Eco-friendly packaging is becoming increasingly important in the eCommerce world. Why? It's simple, it saves you money! In addition to reducing the amount of waste created by product packaging, eco-friendly packaging also encourages consumers to spend more money within a store. This article provides some great ideas for getting started with ECO-friendly packaging.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

What is eco-friendly packaging?

You may have heard that eco-friendly packaging is better for the environment. But what exactly is eco-friendly packaging? And how does it benefit our planet?

Packaging materials have a huge impact on our environment. Some of the most common and harmful packaging materials include plastic, aluminum, and foil.

Eco-friendly packaging is based on two fundamental principles: waste reduction and recycled content. Waste reduction means using minimal packaging materials that can be reused or recycled. Recycled content refers to the use of packaging made from recycled materials.

There are pros and cons to eco-friendly packaging. On the positive side, eco-friendly packaging can save resources and reduce emissions associated with production. It has also been shown to improve product safety and protect food products from damage during transport and storage.

Eco-friendly packaging can be more expensive than traditional packaging options. This cost depends on factors such as the type of material used, how sustainable it is, and how much it will increase the cost of a product.

How do you package clothes eco-friendly?

Now let’s talk about Packaging in fashion industry.

Clothing, whether it's for work or for play, has come a long way. When you go shopping for clothes, do you ever think about the packaging that your clothing is stored in? However, many people are wondering if there is an environmentally friendly way to package these clothes.

Is it worth going green when it comes to clothes shopping? It might seem like a daunting task, but you don't need to give up your style in order to be more environmentally conscious. There are plenty of ways to package clothes without impacting the planet.

Many people choose to buy clothing that is packaged in plastic or bubble wrap instead of using less wasteful materials like cotton and linen. While there are definitely benefits to using natural materials, there are also some disadvantages.

Clothing can be packaged in a variety of ways that are environmentally friendly. One way to Eco friendly packaging for clothing includes using compostable materials. Compostable materials are items that undergo an organic process such as composting before they can be used again. Compostable materials can be made from cloth, paper, and other items.

One of the best eco-friendly packaging for clothing is sustainable packaging. Sustainably packaged clothing is not only better for the environment, but it can also be more comfortable than traditional clothing options. There are a number of benefits when you opt for sustainable ecommerce. One benefit is that environmentally friendly packaging tends to be lighter in weight. This means that you waste less energy transporting these packages, and they use less energy in the manufacturing process.

To add a packaging options in your Magento commerce store, you can take help of ecommerce professionals or simply hire magento experts.

Let’ see how some fashion brands are using sustainable packaging. Here we have listed below:

1) Okhai – Lifestyle

Okhai is the finest Sustainable Fashion Brand that offers lifestyle products and handcrafted apparel made in High-Quality natural fabrics. They also use recycled paper for their packaging, keeping it 100% sustainable, natural, and ethical.

2) Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein, a fashion brand owned by the global apparel company named PVH, has committed that by 2025 they will have packaging made of 100% sustainable & ethically sourced materials.


ASOS - a giant in the e-commerce industry, selling both luxury and affordable fashion. While few of its products have any characteristics of sustainability, the company has taken on the challenge of mitigating its packaging waste. Check out how ASOS made great progress in becoming a sustainable and ethical clothing brand.

To reduce the thickness of the mailer bags, ASOS has modified its signature black and white mailer bags. This little change in packaging material reduces over 583 tonnes of plastic annually. By also recycling the mailing bags returned by customers, new bags are made with 10% post-consumer waste content.

What are the common eco-friendly packaging materials?

Packaging can have a significant impact on both your business and your environmental impact. Considering the potential savings on your carbon footprint and reduction in waste, Eco Friendly Packaging is an important part of any eCommerce operation! 

If you are looking to go green with your packaging, here are some great eco-friendly packaging ideas for clothing to start off:

1. Recycled or biodegradable packaging

When choosing to package, be conscious of the environment. Recycled and biodegradable materials are environmentally friendly and often less expensive than traditional packaging materials. Consider using recyclable or biodegradable materials for your product packaging to help reduce the amount of waste created and improve the recycling process. You can even ask your customers to reuse/recycle any packaging they may have.

Recycled or biodegradable packaging

Fashion brand Zara has also committed to using boxes from 100% recycled cardboard.

2. Use natural fiber materials

Natural fiber materials, such as paper pulp, are often considered environmentally friendly because they are harvested from plant sources rather than processed using a harsh chemical agent. They also have a low environmental impact when disposed of properly and do not typically create toxic runoff when recycled. When selecting product packaging, consider using natural fiber materials to provide a sustainable option for your customers.

natural fiber materials

3. Use eco-friendly shipping supplies like recyclable cardboard or paper packing material

Consider using less packing material. Paper and cardboard packaging is recyclable and can be used again and again. Using cardboard instead of plastic wrap, or sealant balls instead of shrink wrap, can both save you time and money while minimizing environmental impact. Choosing paper that has been recycled can help reduce your impact, both from a financial and environmental standpoint.

paper packing material

4. Foam packing material

Foam packing materials are another environmentally-friendly option for packaging products. They're recyclable, Compostable, biodegradable, and offer good protection against damage. This will reduce the amount of waste that is generated and help make the world a little bit greener.

5. Use biodegradable plastics

While biodegradable plastics do not always have an environmental impact equivalent to traditional plastic products, they are still harmful to the environment when disposed of improperly. When selecting product packaging, choose low-toxicity biodegradable plastics that consume less energy to break down in the soil or oceans. Biodegradable plastics also offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic products for those looking for a more sustainable option.

Wrap your clothes in style without damaging the environment!

Looking to go green when it comes to packaging for your ecommerce store? Check out some Eco friendly packaging ideas for small businesses listed above and use them to ensure that your products are delivered sustainably! Even if none of the above options suit your needs, get creative and come up with something original that works best for you. Make your own packing boxes. You can make your own packing boxes out of cardboard or fiber fabric. This will help you save money on packaging materials and reduce the environmental impact of your products.