Top 10 Business Analytics Course in Hyderabad

Never let age be an excuse for not trying anything new in your career. There are several options for furthering one's education and advancing one's job, including courses leading to a diploma or certification. The field of Business Analyst Certification is at the forefront of assessing and solving problems for businesses of all sizes. You can take one of the best-accredited business analyst training in Hyderabad. These classes will teach you to collect and analyze data using various methods and provide real-world experience through group projects.

Business Analytics Course

What is Business Analytics?

Managing data is a crucial part of business analytics. The information must be laid out sensibly so that one can understand. Analysts in this field manipulate data, run analyses, and make decisions for their companies based on the resulting reports, all of which aid in formulating strategic plans.

Top 10 Business Analytics Course in Hyderabad

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is a widely recognized educational hub that offers numerous online courses and credentials. Moreover, Henry Harvin is a constant source of original and outstanding ideas. The institution maintains long-term partnerships with 60+ educational institutions and 50+ businesses.

Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin's Business Analyst certification Course gives students a solid foundation in their abilities to succeed as Business Analysis Specialists. Experts in the field crafted this training to help students define and validate requirements before launching a project, reducing the likelihood of a failed launch.

Learn the ins and outs of Business Analysis and uncover the mystery that surrounds the profession. Learn all the steps involved in Business Analysis, from the initial problem analysis and the identification of stakeholders to the final stages of testing, validation, and release.

Key Benefits of the Business Analyst Training

  • Training: Twenty-four hours of live online interaction with a Trainer
  • Projects: Capacity to carry out assignments in the disciplines of Strategic Context of Business Analysis, Business Care, and many more.
  • Internship: Internship support for students enrolled in the Business Analysis Certification Program.
  • Certification: Get the Certified Business Analysis Specialist Certification from the Henry Harvin® Government of India accredited and Award-Winning Institute to highlight your qualifications.
  • Placement: 2 Months of Consistent Boot Camps
  • E-Learning: Easy Availability of a Wide Variety of Resources, Including Video Material, Tests, and More
  • Bootcamps: Regular Bootcamps on vital topics for the next 12 Months
  • Hackathons: The #AskHenry Hackathon and Competition Series is Open to the students at No Cost.
  • Membership: Get a Gold Membership to the Henry Harvin® Analytics School for One Year with Your Purchase of the Business Analysis Course.

Course duration: 24 hrs

Course Fees: 15000

Contact:+91 9891953953

Address: Henry Harvin House

B-12 Sector-6 Noida (UP)- 201301

2. ExcelR

Throughout the past decade, ExcelR has served as a training center. The institution, which has a presence worldwide, offers a variety of online and traditional classroom-based programs. Almost 150,000 trainees now work for some of the world's most prestigious corporations.


ExcelR offers live sessions in addition to analytics tool learning in SQL, Advanced Excel, Tableau, Power Bi, SAS, R Programming, Python, and Agile if you're seeking a Business Analyst certification.

3. Analytix Labs

Compared to other Business analyst training institutes in Hyderabad, Anatix Labs stands out due to its comprehensive curriculum. The institute offers the99 hrs course in three formats to accommodate students at different stages of their academic careers and working individuals who may need help committing to the course owing to their busy schedules.

Analytix Labs


4. SLA Consultant India

SLA provides the best Business Analyst certification. Internship opportunities are available to students at SLA as well. 90 hours are devoted to the training, broken down into five courses.

SLA Consultant India

Students are exposed to the real world through workshops led by industry professionals and participation in ongoing projects. Once you have finished 70 percent of your training modules, the placement cell will help you with jobs.


5. TechStack

An option for those looking for Business Analyst certification in Hyderabad is TechStack. The program is well regarded because of its comprehensive curriculum and several real-world projects designed to provide students with hands-on experience in their field of study and prepare them for the workforce.



6. 360 DigiTMG

360 DigiTMG is a globally recognized online certification training academy providing various working professionals courses. They provide Business Analyst certification in Hyderabad that includes 72 hours of training. They break down the entire curriculum into 9 modules, with 2 capstone live projects serving as the icing on the cake.

360 DigiTMG


7. Upgrad

The Business Analyst certification courses offered by Upgrad are professional certificate programs that last 31 weeks and include case studies related to assignments. Data science toolkits, statistical analysis, machine learning, and a capstone project are all covered in this course.



8. Coursera

When it comes to online certificate programs, Coursera is unrivaled. As they offer these classes online, more people can take them, and they are not limited to  Business Analyst certification in Hyderabad.


To gauge mastery of each particular ability, students must complete a project and have their work critiqued.



It is widely agreed that LBSIM is the best business school for Business Analyst certifications. The school incorporates both cutting-edge technology and time-honored teaching strategies. Its methods for encouraging students to excel in case studies, examinations, workshops, role plays, group stimulation, site visits to businesses, and projects.



10. IIBA

The IIBA is widely recognized as the most prestigious organization for Business Analyst certification. This university has made it its mission to train the most capable professionals in the field of Business Analytics to maintain international benchmarks.




Business analytics is rooted in data science but is dedicated to analyzing data about businesses. To become an expert data handler, one needs access to various sophisticated equipment. 

Explore the best option, but determine what learning technique will work best for you.  And so you can enroll in one of the Business Analyst certification and begin working toward your ideal career.



1. What can I anticipate from Business Analyst certification?

Ans: Business Analyst certification in Hyderabad provides hands-on training with case studies and real-world projects. In addition to a mathematical and statistical foundation, the curriculum for data science includes instruction in programming languages and their respective tools.


2. What opportunities exist following Business Analyst training?

Ans: After completing a Business Analyst certification, numerous employment prospects exist, such as financial analyst, quantitative analyst, IT business analyst, system analyst, and data analysis scientist.

3. Who may enroll in courses in business Intelligence certification in Hyderabad?

Ans: Any aspiring business analyst can enroll in a course in business analytics. Anyone with a background in business, science, engineering, or any other undergraduate program. Business Analyst certification is open to aspirants from any industry with analytical and logical skills and finance and accounting specialists. A business analytics course is a standard course that anyone interested in analytics can follow.