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Security is the main concern for people due to the increasing demand for mobile and mobile apps. The demand for smart devices is increasing day by day among teens, so security is the main concern as spam, fraud, depression, adult content, malware exposure, cyberbullying, and so on are rising; accordingly, it has become crucial to limit the screen time and eliminate the suspicious content.

Celltracker io

To monitor the different activities of your children like what they message, what they watch, with whom they are going out, who they meet, and so on, you can get instant notices about any surprising activities. You can secretly monitor their online activity, chatting, and location with the tracker application known as Celltracker.io without letting them know.

Celltracker.io is completely a free app for phone tracking that comes with strong and exact GPS area tracking and offers various features like WhatsApp tracking, SMS tracking, and more. We should begin with the Cell tracker io survey to stamp its great and bad focuses. Also, grasp how this free mobile tracker functions.

Intro of Celltracker.io

Cell Tracker allows you to monitor and track every activity of your Smartphone. You can track WhatsApp, Facebook, location, picture, photo, call recording, SMS, live location, Skype, browser history, Instagram, pictures, Telegram, and more. The fascinating part of Celltracker.io is that once you introduce the application on the targeted device, you can track and screen it from a distance. Thus, regardless of whether you lost your mobile, you have full admittance to the information present on the taken gadget.


What does the Celltracker.io application offer you?

Cell tracker offers you a wide range of elements like social media tracking, your contact, SMS, remote camera, images, call, and more.

  • WhatsApp Tracker
  • Facebook Tracker
  • SMS Tracker
  • Snapchat Tracker
  • Apps Tracker
  • Skype Tracker
  • Calls Tracker
  • Browser History Tracker
  • Viber Tracker
  • GEO Location
  • Location Tracker
  • Facebook Tracker
  • Photos Tracker
  • Telegram Tracker
  • Remote Controller

Essential Features of Celltracker io Mobile Tracker App:

Lots of tracking apps are available these days from various app development companies, among which Celltracker.io gives you a first-rate answer for all your parental anxieties and comes with various features. Celltracker is perhaps the best app that protects you from severe malicious assaults and unapproved anxieties.

1. Compatible with the target device

This tracking application is viable with almost every device whether you have Blackberry, android OS, window OS, or WebOS. It covers practically all operating systems.

2. Enhanced privacy

The cell tracker application is very well-versed in data security. This mobile tracker app keeps the data safe and private from fraudsters. This app uses end-to-end encryption to ensure information privacy in your record. So aside from you, even your service provider can't get to your confidential information without you knowing.

3. Invisible Feature

This mobile tracker app has high-level features that when downloaded to the designated cell phone, get invisible. Thus, assuming somebody has taken your mobile and attempted to access it, they won't realize you as of now still have access to your mobile. Even you can reach your phone by tracking its live location.

4. Doesn't Spyware

If you think that celltracker.io is keeping an eye on you, then you are wrong. This App doesn't keep an eye on you. The main aim of developing this app is to help parents with controlling their children, as they are youthful and can go off course without any problem. This app will help them to keep safe their child from unnecessary content and online fraud. When you will eliminate the application, every one of the information saved will be naturally erased.

5. Continuously Stay Updated

The most progressive component presented by this mobile tracker app is Remote up-gradation. You don't need to refresh the app manually to receive the recent highlights.

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How to utilize Celltracker io?

Phone tracker is a simple versatile free tracker app, and installation is very easy. By following some simple steps you can easily install this tracking app on the targeted device:


  • Open https://celltracker.io/ on your browser and click on registration.
  • Fill in the necessary details.
  • After finishing the registration process, click on the login button.
  • Now on your registered mobile number, you will get a 6-digit code for accessing celltracker.io.
  • Now in the chrome browser access the cell tracker io app.
  • Download the apk file, provide all permission for accessing, and fill in the 6-digit code.
  • After completing the login, you will get the "Settings updated" status.
  • The app symbol will hide after 20 seconds of setting updating.
  • Now delete the browser history and apk file.
  • Now track the information of the targeted device from your mobile or computer.
  • Presently click on "Post Establishment Settings" and adhere to the guidelines to make the application work appropriately on the target gadget with practically no break.


  • Cell Tracking Comes with many features like tracking of SMS, pictures, notifications, social media tracking, call records, remote camera, and more.
  • Provide complete Parental control
  • Compatible with all Operating Systems 
  • Very Lightweight App
  • User-friendly and easy to download
  • Provide GPS location tracking
  • Security against theft
  • Free with no secret expenses
  • Incognito feature


  • Incorporates Ads
  • Needs connection to internet

Price of Celltracker.io

With basic features, cell tracker io is a completely free app. But they also provide a premium version for those who want to access advanced tracking features. There are 35+ mobile tracking features with the premium version. If you want to avail all features then the premium plan works for you better.

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Final verdict:

Cell tracker is the best app for security and safety issues. This is a free app and a premium version of this app is also available with advanced features. The interface of this app is user-friendly. You can track email, pictures, call history, social media, and more with the help of the celltracker.io app.