3 Electrifying Ways to Display Google Reviews on WordPress


The internet world never fails to provide a plethora of options and choices to its audiences. These multiple choices sometimes pose the problem of selecting the best alternative from the best available. Thus, audiences move towards consumer reviews for resorts.

Display Google Reviews on WordPress

Talking about consumer reviews, the most trusted and credible source streams are generated by Google. Also known as Google Place Reviews, Google reviews are trusted by millions of users across the globe. And according to a survey conducted by Google, more than ⅔ of users are likely to base their purchase on positive reviews.

Website developers and brand marketers can integrate a Google Reviews widget into their WordPress websites. However, sometimes marketers and developers don't have enough time to hunt down the most suitable method to embed Google reviews on WordPress. Not to worry, we have got our readers covered with some of the best and most thrilling ways to integrate Google Reviews on WordPress websites seamlessly and rapidly.

Amazing Methods to Embed Google Reviews on WordPress Websites:

We have handpicked some of the easiest ways to embed authentic Google Reviews on WordPress websites. We have provided our readers with a brief and sufficient explanation for each method. We hope our readers will make a wise and suitable selection of the most feasible method according to their preferences.

#1. Google Reviews API:

To commence with our list of methods to choose from for aggregation of desired Google Reviews on the WordPress website, use the Google Reviews API. API stands for application programming interface, which makes the task of managing and monitoring the reviews and rationing for the developers. It also gives the designers access and control over the other necessary business information on Google Maps and other subsequent platforms.

The API provides data that can be used to create custom dashboards, automate review responses, or analyze customer sentiment. Access to the Google Reviews API requires an API key. The Google Reviews API is programming interfaces provided by Google that allows developers to access and manage business reviews and ratings on Google. And Access to the API is available through a paid Google Cloud Platform account.

#2. Social Media Aggregator Tools:

The next method to embed Google Reviews on WordPress websites is to use the new-age and advanced social media aggregator tools. These tools are specially designed to facilitate the user with the embedding process.

One of the most prominent and popular tools is Tagembed. The tool allows users to collect, curate and embed the desired feeds from multiple social media platforms. Moreover, the tool has integration from over 20+ social media platforms which adds to its popularity.

This tool provides a dedicated review widget that can be customized and personalized per the user's needs and requirements. Along with that, the user has full control over the widget. And once the review widget is live on the website, it does not hamper the performance and alignment of the page.

#3. WordPress Plugins:

Last but not least, we have super-efficient WordPress plugins to embed Google Reviews on WordPress. Like the very optimal social media aggregator tool, Tagembed also provides a WordPress plugin that is fully customizable and controllable. The user can simply gather the desired Google Reviews and embed them on their WordPress websites in a few clicks!

The plugin is extremely compatible with WordPress websites. Easy to locate on the WordPress plugins page. WordPress plugins ensure the user’s hassle-free embedding experience while embedding a Google Reviews widget on WordPress websites.

This plugin is easy to use and also coding-free.

Now that we have hunted down some of the best ways to embed Google Reviews on WordPress, let us look at the key advantages of embedding reviews on your WordPress websites.

Key Advantages of Integrating Google Reviews on WordPress websites:

We have handpicked a few key benefits of embedding the Google Reviews widget on WordPress. These will help the readers to understand the vitality of adding credible and genuine Google Reviews on their WordPress websites;

a. Enhances credibility:

When potential customers visit your website and see positive reviews from previous customers, it can increase your credibility and establish trust in your business.

b. Improves website engagement:

Reviews can encourage visitors to interact with your website and leave feedback, improving engagement and encouraging repeat visits.

c. Increases SEO rankings:

Google reviews can positively impact your website's SEO by providing fresh, user-generated content that can help improve your website's ranking in search results.

In Essence:

We have left our readers with a plethora of choices to choose from. They can consider any of the above-mentioned methods to embed Google Reviews on WordPress websites. Readers can also check the key benefits of integrating the Google Reviews widget on WordPress pages to make their website stand out and apart from their competitors.