5 Best Cheap Laptops For Everyday Use


A portable laptop computer may be taken anywhere and utilised whenever needed. Most mobile computers are built to be fully functional replacements for traditional desktop PCs, so they can use the same programs and see the same file formats. A laptop computer incorporates its display, keyboard, mouse replacement (touchpad), and audio system into a single unit. Not needing external devices does not limit its functionality in any way. In addition to being easier to set up, a laptop has fewer cords that might get in the way.

Cheap Laptops

This article will discuss the 5 best cheap laptops for everyday use.

IdeaPad 3i

Instead of manually switching on the IdeaPad 3i, all you have to do is open the lid. The camera has a 720p resolution, and the photos it records are bright, vivid, and free of static. Dolby Audio software includes an equaliser, music, movie, gaming, and voice settings. The laptop's left side has a power port, HDMI output, audio jack, and two USB 3.2 ports (Type-A and Type-C). There's a space for an SD card and a USB 2.0 port on the right. IdeaPad 3i protects you from suspicious webcam spying with a sliding shutter.

ThinkBook 14 G4

You can get the Lenovo ThinkBook 14 G4 in a wide range of configurations, including Intel or AMD CPUs and a wide range of RAM sizes. The notebook's bottom may be easily detached for transport. Many potential enhancements lie underneath the surface. An M.2 slot is available. Also, the NVMe SSD's current RAM module may be swapped out for a new one. The fingerprint sensor and Kensington lock slot complement the AMD Ryzen 5 processor and provide safety. The AMD CPU is compatible with safety mechanisms like TPM 2.0 and SecureBoot.

IdeaPad 5 15

Ultraportable Windows laptops like the Lenovo IdeaPad 5 15 are available with various Intel 11th Generation CPUs. The chassis is made entirely of aluminium, giving it a solid feel, and the overall size makes it convenient to transport. The display may be adjusted to an easily-readable brightness level, and prolonged keyboard use is not tiring. Its Intel Core i5 processor makes light work of online surfing, text formatting, and spreadsheets, and it can handle heavier jobs like picture editing without a hitch.

IdeaPad Flex 5i 16

The IdeaPad Flex 5i 16 laptop is built with many components. Materials including polycarbonate, ABS, and glass fibres are used to construct the chassis. Two monitors use an IPS panel and have a 16:10 aspect ratio. The standard version has a Full HD+ screen that can become as bright as 300 nits and has a contrast ratio of 800:1. Finally, we have a Quad High Definition Plus (QHD+) display, which is ideal for graphic designers and artists because of its greater 400 nit brightness, 1200:1 contrast ratio, and complete sRGB coverage. The package includes two fake Zen 2 processors from the 5000 series.

Yoga 7 14

The Yoga 7 14 is a lightweight contender in the convertible category, reaching roughly 1.4 kilograms. Lenovo's standard 65-watt USB-C power adapter, weighing 338 grams, is supplied. Along with the USB-C and USB-A connections, a card reader and a full-fledged HDMI output. The Yoga 7 14 has a spring-loaded microSD card reader on the left. One notable feature is the front USB-C port's compatibility with the newest USB standard (version 4.0). The GPU can drive four displays (including the main screen).


A portable and cheap laptop for sale is a great option if you often travel. Laptop computers, which are often used in the classroom and are frequently handed to students, are also a fantastic gaming choice.