Creating a Long-lasting Bond with Customers

Customer trust adds to the durability of a brand and is often considered a deciding factor in survival and growth in this competitive age. A report by Adobe states that over 74% of consumers stop purchasing from a brand that breaks their trust. Modern-day consumers are constantly becoming more sophisticated. Moreover, the emergence of newer brands every day has made it tougher for online retailers to retain their existing customers, attract new ones, and maintain a level of trust. So, whether it’s about being transparent or offering exceptional customer service, or even a loyalty program, developing trust among customers is not a one-time strategy. You must be proactive, considerate, and intuitive regarding their changing preferences and growing expectations. The post offers some critical insights on how to build trust among visitors and convert them into loyal customers by keeping them satisfied.

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Gaining the Trust of Customers

Building trust in customers is directly proportional to the character, ability, confidence, and conviction your brand has developed among customers. It is simply reflected in your leadership and how you perceive your customers. Reliability, transparency, simplicity, and competence are the four major pillars that hold trust in customers, and this must reflect in your business endeavors to let them think that you are concerned for their convenience.

The eCommerce industry is getting much more diverse and tough in competition, and technology can help you gain an extra edge by building trust in your customers. You must focus on aspects like data analytics, marketing strategy, customer service, and reviews to build long-lasting trust among online customers. You can certainly ensure establishing a long-lasting bond with online shoppers by considering these tips.

What it Takes to Build Trust Among Customers

By following some standard and proven practices, you start creating an impression on your audience which eventually gets transformed into unshakable trust.

Make a Good First Impression

Since website design has a dominant impact on any online shopper, making a good first impression is imperative. The idea is to create a lasting relationship with your customer, which means thinking beyond just selling a product. Make your marketing campaign a smart one by creating attractive offers and focusing on each day as a new opportunity rather than waiting for the holiday season. With a short-term focus on each day, you can turn your long-term shopping goals into a reality. Be in touch with your eCommerce web development company to create a visually appealing customer experience with your online store design.

Behavioral Insights are Your Best Friend

With the help of your business analytic reports, you can figure out various shopping behaviors among your visitors. You can categorize your shoppers as per insights and accordingly create a strategy to turn them into regular buyers. You can ideally try to make them return to your site with your marketing strategy. Keep your bag of offers open, allowing the customers to visit again.

Stay Well-rounded with the Finer Details

A detailed approach must be adopted with your marketing strategy to maximize returns. Utilize your user data to find out the ideal time to send emails to your potential returning customers. The more attention you pay to make your user engagement effective, the better your chances of seeing returning shoppers.


Create an effective re-targeting strategy considering shoppers’ dynamics and behaviors. Try to exploit the most from the mobile platform, with the use of push notifications and bulk messages to keep your audience updated with holiday offers and perks. However, ensure that your re-engagement tactics are not intrusive or menacing for your visitors. Choose a suitable frequency to target your audience, based on your user insights.

Focus on Follow Ups and Customer Service

Developing good relationships with customers and instilling faith in your brand requires an enduring approach toward their queries and issues. These can be hidden shipping costs, stockouts of major items, irresponsive customer support, and many more. This step can be a game changer even if your online store faces challenging times. Try offering a responsive feedback system for hurdles that they face while shopping with your site and tweak changes accordingly. Customers appreciate when you take the initiative to troubleshoot their online shopping issues (through your site), enhancing trust in your brand.

Be Intuitive and Offer Personalized Products

Customization has become the sure-shot way to get direct access to a customer’s heart. Make good use of your site’s data and gain insights about shoppers’ preferences, shopping behaviors, and the pain points that they face. Try offering personalized product recommendations for which they are even ready to pay more. The results that you get from the data must be utilized prudently to make their shopping journey even more convenient and enjoyable. When customers find exactly what they want, they will never switch to any other brand and will stay loyal to your eCommerce site. If you are looking to hire a web developer or an agency then you can search for them on the internet. There are lots of developers and agencies available, who will definitely help you.


Keeping all these points in mind and implementing them in your eCommerce site will certainly yield the results that you have ever expected. The more connected you are with your customers, the better & personalized services you can offer them, which lays down a robust foundation for developing long-lasting trust among them.